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Charles W. Giddings, 1811-1879

RG3303.AM:  Charles W. Giddings, 1811-1879

Papers:  1843-1913
Table Rock, Pawnee County, Neb.:  Minister and early settler
Size:  1 box; 0.25 cu.ft.


Rev. Charles W. Giddings was born May 28, 1810 in New Haven, Connecticut. He was one of the earliest settlers of Nebraska and was one of the founders of Table Rock, Pawnee County. He was Presiding Elder of the Methodist Church of Table Rock for many years. Rev. Giddings died December 23, 1879 at his home in Table Rock. He was known as the "Father of Table Rock."


This collection consists of various legal documents dating from 1843-1913. The documents relate to the establishment of the Nebraska Settlement Company; the founding and incorporation of Table Rock, Nebraska; and land given to the Atchison and Nebraska Railroad, as reflected in warranty deeds.

Note:  See the Nebraska History index for various articles relating to Charles W. Giddings.


Box 1
  1. Military Land Warrant, Indenture, 1843-1855
  2. Constitution and Articles of Association of the Nebraska Settlement Company, 1856
  3. Bill of goods sent by steamboat for Table Rock; 2 warranty deeds, 1857
  4. Papers concerning founding and incorporation of Table Rock, 1858
  5. Deeds, 1859
  6. An Act to Incorporate Table Rock; warranty deeds, 1860-1862
  7. Warranty deeds; an act to vacate certain portions of the town, 1865-1869
  8. Warranty deeds, 1870-1874
  9. Warranty deeds; an act to vacate certain portions of the town, 1875-1879
  10. Petition to County Board for Incorporation, 1883
  11. Petition for Annexation of additional land, 1886
  12. Pennsylvania Lands, 1913
  13. List of land owned by Giddings, undated



Atchison and Nebraska Railroad
Giddings, Charles W., 1811-1879
Nebraska Settlement Company
Pawnee County (Neb.) -- History
Table Rock (Neb.) -- History


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