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Charles H. Searle

RG4433.AM:  Charles H. Searle

Documents:  ca. 1880-1899
Plattsmouth, Neb.:  Salesman; soldier
Size:  1 envelope


Charles H. Searle, a salesman from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, enlisted with a group of friends in the 1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry and was mustered in at Camp Alvin Saunders in May of 1898. Searle, a private in "M" Co., was shipped almost immediately to the Philippines, where the 1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry was involved in some of the heaviest fighting. He returned to Plattsmouth on September 1, 1899.


This collection consists of one envelope of documents apparently acquired as souvenirs by Charles Searle while serving in the Philippines. Many of the documents appear to be provincial tax receipts of several Philippinos dating through the 1880s and early 1890s. Also included is a dinner menu from the U.S. Army transport Hancock.

Note: Various photographs have been transferred to the photo component [RG4433.PH]. A note inside the cover of a book of photographs reads, "Taken from Rice Plantations on our way to Malolos. March 30th 99. C.H.S." The photos appear to be of members of a family (or families) of Philippinos of some wealth. One shows a heavily bullet-scarred house.



Nebraska -- National Guard -- 1st Infantry, Co. M
Philippine Insurrection, 1898-1899
Spanish-American War, 1898


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