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Charlotte Evelyn Scofield Cook, 1868-1917

RG5012.AM:  Charlotte Evelyn Scofield Cook, 1868-1917

Journal:  1886-1917, mostly 1886-1888
Kingsville, Ohio; Chadron and Crawford, Dawes County, Neb.:  
Size:  1 volume


This collection consists of the transcribed and edited journal of Charlotte Evelyn Scofield Cook. Early entries describe her life in Kingsville, Ohio. Lottie (Charlotte) and her mother moved to Chadron, Nebraska, and after a few months, to Crawford. The Nebraska entries describe the social scene in Chadron and Crawford, and Lottie's feelings about her life, relatives, and the gentlemen who soon began to court her. The few later entries concern her marriage and children. The last entry was made shortly before her death in 1917.


Journal, 1886-1917, mostly 1886-1888



Chadron (Neb.)
Cook family
Cook, Charlotte Evelyn Scofield, 1868-1917
Cook, Theodore John, 1861-1918
Crawford (Neb.)
Coursen, Ella Genevieve Scofield, 1859-1904
Diaries -- Nebraska -- Chadron
Diaries -- Nebraska -- Crawford
Frontier and pioneer life
Jones, Anne Winnefred Scofield, 1866-1963
Kingsfield (Ohio)
Scofield family
Scofield, Nancy Lodency Rose, 1839-1928
Women -- Nebraska -- Chadron
Women -- Nebraska -- Crawford


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