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Christian Kinch, 1831-

RG3974.AM:  Christian Kinch, 1831-

Ledgers (photocopies only):  1864-1875
Michigan; Dawson County, Neb.:  Carpenter
Size:  2 volumes


The only information found on Christian Kinch appears in the 1880 census for Platte Precinct, Dawson County, Nebraska. Kinch is shown as being a 49-year old carpenter, married to Susan, 55 years old. They had two children, William, 35, also a carpenter, and a daughter, Emma, 27 years old. Both Christian and Susan were born in Pennsylvania. Their children were both born in Michigan, where the family lived before settling in Dawson County. Since they don't appear in the 1890 census, it can be assumed that they moved to Dawson County in the 1870s.


This collection consists of photocopies of two ledgers dating from 1864-1875. This material relates to the accounts of Christian Kinch, a carpenter working in Michigan and, later, Dawson County, Nebraska. Date of settlement in Dawson County is uncertain, however. The ledgers record Christian Kinch's wages for his services as a carpenter. Information provided includes the date or dates of service, the task engaged in, and amount earned. The Ledgers also record money paid out by Kinch for goods and services he purchased. Because of the illegibility and lightness of many of Kinch's pencil recordings, many of the entries are unclear.

This collection was loaned for copying by the Dawson County Historical Society in September of 1978.


Volume (folder)
  1. 1864-1865
  2. 1870-1875



Carpenters -- Nebraska
Dawson County (Neb.) -- History
Kinch, Christian, 1831-


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