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Diary, 1875 [Elsie J. Hunt?]

RG5181.AM:  Diary, 1875 [Elsie J. Hunt?]

Diary:  1867-1883
Michigan and Nebraska:  Pioneer
Size:  1 item


This collection consists of one partial volume containing recipes, poetry and quotations, and an overland journal begun in Michigan on September 13, 1875. The writer is tentatively identified as Elsie J. Hunt, based on internal evidence and the 1880 York Census. The writer traveled to Arborville Precinct, York County, Nebraska, with her husband, Harrison, and son, Ernie. The volume also includes entries dating from 1867-1883.



Frontier and pioneer life -- Nebraska
Hunt, Elsie J.
Hunt, Harrison
Hunt family
Overland journeys
Women pioneers


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