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Dull Knife (Cheyenne Chief), -1879

RG0965.AM:  Dull Knife (Cheyenne Chief), -1879

Papers:  1877-1879, 1931, 1935
Cheyenne Indian Chief
Size:  1 folder


This collection contains miscellaneous reports and correspondence concerning Dull Knife, Cheyenne Chief, which were written in the eary 1930s. Included are:

"Strategic Return of the Dull Knife Band of Cheyenne Indians Which Resulted in Their Death in 1879" by E.A. Brininstool
"The Dull Knife Raid of 1878," research by H.S. Robinson
"Indian Raid in 1878 -- Under Cheyenne Chief Dull Knife" by A.N. Keith
"Report of Brig. Gen. George Crook, Headquarters Department of the Platte, Fort Omaha, Nebraska, Sept. 27, 1879"
"Cheyenne Outbreak of 1878"
Northern Cheyenne Raid"

There is also correspondence between Mike Gilmore, a former member of the Cavalry, and A.E. Sheldon, as well as a map with the probable route of Dull Knife's Band.


RG0789.AM: Earl Alonzo Brininstool, 1870-1957

See the NSHS Library collections for various publications about Dull Knife.



Brininstool, E.A. (Earl Alonzo), 1870-1957
Cheyenne Indians -- Government relations
Cheyenne Indians -- History
Crook, George, 1829-1890
Dull Knife (Cheyenne Chief), -1879
Fort Robinson (Neb.)
Indians of North America -- Government relations
Keith, A.N.
Robinson, H.S.
Sheldon, Addison Erwin, 1861-1943


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