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Edwin O. Miller, 1847-?

RG1238.AM:  Edwin O. Miller, 1847-?

Papers:  1904-1905
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Commercial Agent for Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway
Size:  2 items


Edwin O. Miller, a native of Ohio, arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1874 and secured a clerking position with Parker and Lansing, hardware merchants. Accompanied by other new arrivals to Nebraska, Miller made a trip by wagon over the Nebraska prairie, intending to purchase homestead land in the Republican Valley. Although he was impressed with the land and its potential for farming and pasturing of livestock, Miller decided not to homestead and returned to Lincoln. Eventually he secured employment with the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway, serving as Commercial Agent for that company in 1905.


This collection consists of two items, a letter dating from 1905 and a way bill from 1904.

The letter, written by Edwin O. Miller, provides a transcription of the diary he kept during an 1874 journey across the Nebraska prairie to the Republican Valley. Miller's diary entries record his evaluations of the agricultural potential of the land, the appearance of wild game during the trip, and "curiosities" for the prairie, which consisted of wild flowers and plants not found in his native Ohio. Also included are descriptions of towns along the way, including Fairmont, Sutton, Riverton, and Lowell.

The way bill from 1904 is for the first load of home grown peaches shipped from Lincoln, Nebraska. A statement by E.O. Miller verifying this and providing additional information is included.


  1. 1905 letter containing transcription of Edwin O. Miller's 1874 diary
  2. Way Bill, 1904, and attachment providing statement of E.O. Miller, 1905



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