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Ernest Parkhurst, 1885-1970

RG3538.AM:  Ernest Parkhurst, 1885-1970

Records:  1905-1919
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Lumber company employee
Size:  8 volumes in 4 boxes


Hiram H. Parkhurst died on December 29, 1928 in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the age of 78. He ran the H.H. Parkhurst Lumber Company of Ashland, Nebraska for many years before retiring. He was survived by two sons and two daughters.

Ernest Parkhurst, son of Hiram H. Parkhurst, died in Lincoln, Nebraska, on April 1, 1970. He was a retired Hoppe Lumber Company employee. He was survived by a sister, Genevive Terry.


This collection consists of four boxes of manuscript material arranged in two series: 1) Business records of Lytle General Store and 2) Business records of H.H. Parkhurst Lumber Company. The bulk of this collection consists of the records of the H.H. Parkhurst Lumber Company of Ashland, Nebraska. Also included are two day books of the Lytle General Store, Ashland, Nebraska. The family of Ernest Parkhurst donated these records in 1970.


Series 1 - Lytle General Store (Ashland,, Neb.)

Box 1
Day book, Lytle General Store, 1911-1913
Day book, Lytle General Store, 1919

Series 2 - H.H. Parkhurst Lumber Company (Ashland, Neb.)

Box 2
Day Book, 1905-1907
Ledger, 1919
Ledger, 1906-1910 (Sales Book)
Holley's Bill Register, H.H. Parkhurst Lumber Co., 1917-1918

Box 3
Account Ledger, H.H. Parkhurst, 1907-1908

Box 4
Account Ledger, H.H. Parkhurst, 1907



Ashland (Neb.) -- Businesses
H.H. Parkhurst Lumber Company (Ashland, Neb.)
Lytle General Store (Ashland, Neb.)
Parkhurst, Ernest, 1885-1970
Parkhurst, Hiram H., 1850-1928


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Updated/Encoded TMM   02-12-2011


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