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Fred E. Dalrymple, 1851-1921

RG0933.AM:  Fred E. Dalrymple, 1851-1921

Papers:  1864, 1879, 1921, n.d.
Kearney and Buffalo Counties, Neb.:  Physician
Size:  1 folder


This collection contains a few pieces of correspondence and miscellaneous other items relating to Dr. Fred E. Dalrymple and his family. Included are three letters from Fred's brother, A.M. Dalrymple dating from 1864. The letters tell of A.M. Dalrymple's life in the New York 1st Dragoons and include information about war prisoners, deserters, and raids. Another (undated) letter in the collection is from Dalrymple's sister from Hastings, Nebraska. The remainder of the collection consists of several obituaries and memorial notices for Dr. Dalrymple and a ticket of admittance to the execution of Samuel D. Richards at Minden, Nebraska, on April 2, 1879.


The NSHS collections contain a photo collection relating to Samuel D. Richards [RG2908.PH].



Capital punishment -- Nebraska
Dalrymple Family
Dalrymple, A.M.
Dalrymple, Fred E., 1851-1921
Richards, Samuel D., -1879
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865


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