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Fredrick Edward Bodie, 1878-1961

RG1821.AM:  Fredrick Edward Bodie, 1878-1961

Reminiscence:  1928, 1940, 1951-1952
York, York County; Elk Creek and Tecumseh, Johnson County; and Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Banker
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Fredrick E. Bodie, the ninth and youngest child of Edward and Marie Bodie, was born in Lyons (now Clinton), Iowa, on December 16, 1878. In 1888, the Bodies moved to York, Nebraska, where Fred attended York College in the 1890s.

From 1901-1920, Fred Bodie lived in Johnson County, Nebraska, first in Tecumseh, 1901-1906; then in Elk Creek, 1906-1913; and then back to Tecumseh, 1913-1920. During those years he owned and operated banks in those towns. In 1914, he married Daisy M. McClure of Elk Creek.

In the 1920s, the Bodies moved to Lincoln where Fred served as a special examiner for the State Banking Department. Between 1920 and 1949, he was a receiver for four failed bank and trust companies. He retired in 1949.

Fred E. Bodie died on May 14, 1961.


This collection consists of a reminiscence. Begun in 1928, Fred E. Bodie wrote this account for his three children. He made additions in 1940, 1951, and 1952. Besides providing family history, Bodie describes his banking career, as well as his political views, which were strongly anti-Franklin D. Roosevelt and anti-New Deal.

Note: See the photo component [RG1821.PH] for photographs.


Reminiscence of Fredrick E. Bodie, 1928, 1940, 1951-1952



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Bodie, Fredrick Edward, 1878-1961
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