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George W. Newmyer, 1822-1894

RG3284.AM:  George W. Newmyer, 1822-1894

Journal (on microfilm) and letters, etc.:  1862-1934
Merrick County, Neb.:  Farmer; state legislator
Size:  1 reel of microfilm; 1 folder


George W. Newmyer was born November 4, 1822, in Pennsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and was married there June 11, 1846, to Ann Elizabeth Parker. He moved to Pleasant, Pennsylvania, in the mid-1850s. In June of 1861 Newmyer enlisted in Company B of the 28th Pennsylvania Volunteers and was appointed First Sergeant. He later became First Lieutenant and then Captain in June of 1863. He was his company's senior officer during the Battle of Gettysburg and also participated in the battles of Antietam, Chancellorsville, and the march through Georgia. After the Civil War he settled near Central City, Nebraska. He farmed the rest of his life but also taught school and served a term in the 1885 state legislature. Newmyer died on August 10, 1894. His wife died on August 10, 1909.


The George W. Newmyer collection consists of a daybook (on microfilm) dating from 1884-1890, and a folder containing photocopies of several letters and newspaper clippings. The daybook (on microfilm) records Newmyer's activities from April of 1884 through 1890. The latter portion of the volume contains his personal financial accounts. This volume was filmed three times using different exposures. The volume was loaned for microfilming in January of 1974. The NSHS does not hold the original daybook.

The rest of the collection (not on microfilm) consists of photocopies of five Civil War letters (four by Newmyer) dating from 1864; and one letter from Newmyer to his son William, dated 1890. Also present are photocopies of newspaper clippings (1933-1934) containing biographical information and excerpts from the journal.


Reel 1 - Daybook, 1884-1890


Letters, 1864, 1890
Newspaper clippings, 1933-1934



Farm life -- Nebraska -- Merrick County
Merrick County (Neb.) -- History
Newmyer, George W., 1822-1894
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal narratives


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