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Henry H. Haven, 1844-1923

RG1069.AM:  Henry H. Haven, 1844-1923

Papers:  1882-1892, 1923
Gibbon, Buffalo County, Neb.:  
Size:  1 folder


This collection contains various papers relating to Henry H. Haven of Gibbon, Nebraska (and Livingston, New Jersey). The materials date from 1882-1892 and include land deeds and warrants from the Union Pacific Railway Company, as well as some financial records of money owed. In letters written to Reuben Gardner (DeKalb Junction, New York), Haven touches on the 1886 Nebraska election, daily living, cost of things, and the 1886 and 1887 blizzards. Also included is an obituary for Haven.



Davis, James H.
Domestic life
Gamble, William
Gardner, Reuben
Gibbon (Neb.)
Haven family
Haven, Henry H., 1844-1923
Haven, Mary E.
Haven & Beatty, Hardware and Furniture (Gibbon, Neb.)
Land tenure
Livingston (N.J.)
Neely, David


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