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George E. Hyde, 1882-1968

RG0724.AM:  George E. Hyde, 1882-1968

Correspondence:  1915, 1934-1963
Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  Historian
Size:  0.1 cu.ft.


George E. Hyde was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1882. He received formal education in the public schools only to the eighth grade. At eighteen, Hyde became deaf. He was plagued by blindness most of the latter years of his life, and spent his final years working with the aid of a high-powered magnifying glass. Despite these handicaps, Hyde became known as the "dean of American Indian historians," an interest started by a visit to an Indian encampment at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition in Omaha.

Hyde ran a bookshop in addition to his historical research on Indians. A noted author in his own right, Hyde also checked the manuscripts of other historians for accuracy, including those of George Bird Grinnell. Among his works are: Red Cloud's Folk (1937), Pawnee Indians (1951), A Sioux Chronicle (1956), Indians of the High Plains (1959), Spotted Tail's Folk, A History of the Brule Sioux (1961), Indians of the Woodlands (1962), and the Life of George Bent (1967).

George E. Hyde died in Omaha, Nebraska, on February 2, 1968, at the age of 86.


This collection consists of two folders of correspondence relating to George E. Hyde's career as an American Indians Historian. The bulk of this correspondence is with A.T. Hill and Marvin F. Kivett of the Nebraska State Historical Society and consists primarily of discussions of various topics involved in Hyde's historical research. Letters from George Hyde to his friend Stuart Anderson added 11/7/1979. These also describe Hyde's research and activities.

Note: Books by George E. Hyde can be found in the NSHS Library collections. Photographs can be found in the photo component of the collection (RG0724.PH).


Series 1 - Correspondence

Box 1
  1. 1915, 1934-1963
  2. Letters of Mrs. Mabel L. ("Mehit") Reed, sister of George E. Hyde



Hill, Asa Thomas, 1871-1953
Hyde, George E., 1882-1968
Indians of North America
Indians -- Nebraska
Kivett, Marvin Franklin, 1917-


DJR/RR/ab   10-08-1968
Encoded TMM   04-17-2007
Revised TMM   12-21-2010


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