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Jerome H. Dauchy, 1834-1897

RG3503.AM:  Jerome H. Dauchy, 1834-1897

Records:  1866-1867
Stockville, Frontier County, Neb.:  Wagon Master; rancher
Size:  1 volume


Jerome H. Dauchy was born in Monroe County, New York, near Rochester, on February 2, 1834. He came to Nebraska in 1857 and settled in Nebraska City. From that time until 1868, he was engaged in freighting from Nebraska City to Denver and Salt Lake City, filling government contracts. In 1861 Dauchy married Maria L. Worrel in Nebraska City. Moving to Frontier County in 1874, Dauchy located on a large ranch near Stockville. In addition he was one of the organizers of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Stockville and was for some time its president. Politically, he was elected county commissioner of the county three times. Mr. Dauchy died at his home near Stockville, on March 9, 1897, at the age of sixty-three. He was survived by his wife, Mr. H.H. Dauchy and five children: Lee Dauchy, Frank Dauchy; Delia Day; Mrs. Mary Knight and Mrs. Carrie Shinley.


This collection consists of a "Wagonmasters Instruction and Record Book" dating from 1866-1867. It is assumed that the leather bound Instruction and Record Book, which contains a lists of rules and regulations of the Russell, Majors & Waddel Freighting Company for wagon masters and others, was issued to Jerome H. Dauchy upon his assumption of duties. The volume also contains financial business records kept by the wagon master from 1866-1867.

Note:  See the Nebraska History index for various articles about freighting and Russell, Majors & Waddell.


Wagonmasters Instruction and Record Book, 1866-1867



Dauchy, Jerome H., 1834-1897
Russell, Majors & Waddell


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