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John Tinney McCutcheon, 1870-1949

RG3554.AM:  John Tinney McCutcheon, 1870-1949

Political cartoons:  1896-1920, n.d.
Lake Forest, Illinois:  Cartoonist
Size:  9 items


John Tinney McCutcheon was born May 6, 1870, near South Raub, Indiana. He became famous as a cartoonist during the campaign of 1896. He toured the world in 1898-1900, drawing cartoons for the Chicago Record and the Chicago Sunday Tribune. He also went to South Africa during the Boer War and to Belgium, Germany, France, and the Balkans in 1915-1916. In 1931 he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for the excellence of his cartoons. He was president of the Chicago Zoological Society and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. McCutcheon died at his home in Lake Forest, Illinois, June 10, 1949. He was survived by his wife.


This collection consists of nine cartoons. The collection relates to McCutcheon's career as a cartoonist and his efforts at portraying William J. Bryan during his political career.

Note:  The NSHS collections contains various materials relating to William Jennings Bryan. The manuscript collections also contain the cartoons of Oz Black [RG3514] and Guy Spencer [RG1503].


Folder 1 - Cartoons (See oversized)

  1. That Awkward Moment, undated
  2. Thrilling Scene on the National Stage, undated
  3. Mr. Bryan Proves his Point, undated
  4. Echoes of the Convention, July 8, 1920
  5. Mr. Bryan's Trip to Europe, July 16, 1903
  6. What the November Earthquake Did, November 11, 1904
  7. The Reports of His Political Death Seem to Have Been Exaggerated, December 8, 1916
  8. Mr. Hanna Comes to Town and Finds Mr. Bryan on Guard, September 11, 1900 (negative photographic print)
  9. The Demonstration Following the Nomination of William J. Bryan for the Presidency, July 11, 1896 (negative print)



Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925
Caricatures and cartoons
McCutcheon, John Tinney, 1870-1949


APD   12-30-1981
Encoded TMM   07-08-2010


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