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Joseph Conway Mason, 1867-

RG3822.AM:  Joseph Conway Mason, 1867-

Scrapbook:  1898-1932
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Soldier
Size:  1 volume


Born August 21, 1867 in La Monte, Missouri, Joseph Conway Mason was working as a clerk in Lincoln, Nebraska when the Spanish-American War broke out. He enlisted on May 10, 1898 and served as Regimental Q.M. Sergeant for Company F, 2nd Regiment of the Nebraska National Guard. During his time of service, Mason wrote to the Nebraska State Journal a series of letters. These letters, a record of the Regiment, were published, and collected.


The collection consists of one scrapbook containing clippings dating from 1898-1932. The material relates to the Spanish-American War (War of 1898) and gives accounts of camp life in Georgia. Later newspapers relate to the assassination of President McKinley and activities of veterans of 1898.

Note:  The NSHS archival collections, library catalog, and Nebraska History magazine contain a wide variety of resources relating to the service of Nebraskans during the Spanish-American War.


Scrapbook, 1898-1932



Mason, Joseph Conway, 1867-
Nebraska Infantry. 2nd Regiment, 1898-1899
Spanish-American War, 1898
Veterans -- Nebraska -- History


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