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Kills Enemy Alone

RG4946.AM:  Kills Enemy Alone

Papers:  1889, ca. 1968
Paris, France; Pine Ridge Agency, S.D.:  Sioux Indian
Size:  1 folder


The collection consists of a letter written in a Siouan dialect by Kills Enemy Alone, a performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, while the show was in Paris, France in 1889. The letter is addressed to Little Whirlwind, Pine Ridge Agency, Dakota, Medicine Root. On the envelope in very faint pencil script is written: "taken from a dead Indian after the Battle of Wounded Knee." Anthropologist Dr. John L. Champe had the letter translated in 1968. It is unknown how the letter came into his possession. The translation and an accompanying letter, along with some miscellaneous notes, are included.



Champe, John Leland, 1895-1978
Indians of North America
Kills Enemy Alone
Little Whirlwind
Siouan dialect
Siouan Indians
Wounded Knee Massacre


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11-04-2009   Revised TMM/tmm


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