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Kinnison and related families

RG4026.AM:  Kinnison and related families

Nuckolls County, Neb.; Faurquier County, Virginia; Pike County, Ohio:  Genealogy
Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


This collection consists of one box of genealogical research materials (mostly correspondence) relating to the Kinnison, Kincannon, Day, Van Dyke, Hitt, Norwood, Palmer, and Taylor families of Nuckolls County, Nebraska; Faurquier County, Virginia; and Pike County, Ohio.


Box 1
  1. Day Family
  2. Van Dyke Family
  3. Hitt Family
  4. Kincannon Family
  5. Kinnison Family
  6. Norwood Family, pt. 1
  7. Norwood Family, pt. 2
  8. Palmer Family
  9. Taylor Family



Day Family
Faurquier County (Va.)
Hitt Family
Kincannon Family
Kinnison Family
Norwood Family
Nuckolls County (Neb.)
Palmer Family
Pike County (Ohio)
Taylor Family
Van Dyke Family


Revised 11-16-2007   TMM


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