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Lakota and Omaha Stories

RG1147.AM:  Lakota and Omaha Stories

Size:  2 manuscripts


The collection consists of two manuscripts containing compilations of Lakota and Omaha Indian stories. One manuscript is entitled, "Lakota Stories," by Leo American Horse and John Cress. Other editors mentioned include Clark Wissler, Martha Beckwith and J. Owen Dorsey. The manuscript includes stories told by Edgar Red Cloud. No credit is given to the editor of the Omaha stories. These stories explore the mythology and legends of the Lakota and Omaha people.



American Horse, Leo
Beckwith, Martha Warren, 1871-1959
Cress, Joseph
Dakota Indians
Dorsey, J. Owen, 1848-1895
Indians of North America -- Legends
Indians of North America -- Religion and mythology
Lakota Indians
Omaha Indians
Red Cloud, Edgar
Siouan Indians
Wissler, Clark, 1870-1947


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