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Maggie A. Harvey

RG1067.AM:  Maggie A. Harvey

Reminiscence:  1937
Republican City, Harlan County, Neb.:  Dressmaker
Size:  1 folder


This collection contains an essay/reminiscence by Maggie A. Harvey entitled, "The Wheels of Time." The reminiscence describes Harvey's career as a dressmaker and discusses the differences between life in her youth and life in 1937. Also included in the collection are three cards mentioning Harvey, Republican City, Nebraska, raised Rhode Island Red chickens (on one side), and on the opposite side is a blank for subscribing to "The OK Poultry Journal."

A typescript of this reminiscence is available in the NSHS Library: "Wheels of Time" by Maggie A. Harvey [921 R99 H26w].



Clothing and dress
Domestic life
Harlan County (Neb.)
Harvey, Maggie A.
Manners and customs
Republican City (Neb.)


10-05-2009   Revised TMM/tmm


For additional information about this collection, please contact our Library Staff.

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