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Milton Fletcher Mahin, 1849-1934

RG1209.AM:  Milton Fletcher Mahin, 1849-1934

Reminiscence, etc.:  1858, 1933
Johnson County, Neb.; Indiana; Kansas; etc.:  
Size:  1 folder


The collection contains a 74 page reminiscence entitled, "Memoirs, Travel Incidents, Etc., covering a period 1849-1933," compiled by Milton Fletcher Mahin (Bartlesville, Oklahoma). Fletcher writes in detail about his life in Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, California, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. The reminiscence includes information about Mahin's family; his businesses in hardware, plumbing, and fruit growing; observations about the 1872 election between U.S. Grant and Horace Greeley; the 1874 grasshopper infestation; various trips; and many other anecdotes, including that he helped build the first California locomotive, "The Stephens/no. 55." Also included in the collection is a letter (original and photocopy) dating from 1858 and written by John Wesley Dorsey (Little Nemaha, Johnson County, Nebraska Territory) to Milton and Eliza Mahin (Indiana). Dorsey encourages the Mahin's to move to Nebraska Territory. John Wesley Dorsey is the father of Eliza Mahin and grandfather of Milton Fletcher Mahin and Mollie Dorsey Sanford.

Note:  For additional information on Milton F. Mahin and Mollie Dorsey Sanford, see the Nebraska History Index.



Beatrice (Neb.) -- History
Church work
Dorsey Family
Dorsey, John Wesley, -1861
Free, J.N.
Johnson County (Neb.) -- History
Mahin Family
Mahin, Eliza, -1907
Mahin, Harriet, -1921
Methodist Episcopal churches
Sage, N.S.
Stella (Neb.) -- History


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