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Nathan Augustus Monroe Dudley, 1825-1910

RG3556.AM:  Nathan Augustus Monroe Dudley, 1825-1910

Papers:  1909-1910, n.d.
Size:  1 box and 1 reel of microfilm


In 1855 a significant fight commonly called the Battle of Ash Hollow, occurred at Blue Water Creek, northwest of Ash Hollow. General William Harney's forces, sent out to chastise the Indians after the Grattan Massacre of 1854, here attacked Little Thunder's band of Brule Sioux while the Indians were attempting to parley, and killed a large number and captured the rest of the band. Brigadier General, (then Lieutenant), N.A.M. Dudley commanded a company of the 10th Infantry in the battle. For a chronological sequence of Dudley's military career, see Francis B. Heitman's, Historical Register and Dictionary of the U.S. Army, 1789-1903.


This collection consists of one box of manuscript material including correspondence, 1909-1910, a map/sketch, and articles about the Battle of Ash Hollow. The bulk of this collection consists of the original and copies of correspondence between Robert Harvey of the Nebraska State Historical Society and Brigadier General N.A.M. Dudley relating to Dudley's experiences in the Battle of Ash Hollow and to the placing of the Ash Hollow Monument. A reel of microfilm purchased from the National Archives contains records of Dudley's military service.

Note:  See the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for additional published materials regarding Nathan A.M. Dudley and the Battle of Ash Hollow.


Box 1
  1. Correspondence, 1909-1910
  2. Sketch of Blue Water Creek area by Lt. G.K. Warren, Topographical Engineer
  3. Articles and research reports about the Battle of Ash Hollow prepared by Nebraska State Historical Society staff

Reel 1

Military service record of N.A.M. Dudley from files in National Archives



Ash Hollow, Battle of, September 1855
Dudley, Nathan Augustus Monroe, 1825-1910
Harney, William Selby, 1800-1889
Harvey, Robert, 1844-1923


DDS/cr   11-23-1970
Encoded TMM   03-25-2010


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