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Omaha World Herald - Quesenbury Sketchbook

RG5495.AM:  Omaha World Herald - Quesenbury Sketchbook

Sketchbook (reference copy):  1850-1851
Overland Trail, Nebraska Territory
Size:  1 volume


The drawings in this sketchbook were made by William Quesenbury [pronounced "Cushionberry"] during an overland journey he made from Arkansas to California (along the Cherokee Trail, and the Oregon-California Trail) in 1850 and back (along the North Platte River) in 1851. The sketchbook contains 57 finished drawings and 12 outline sketches.

Note:  This manuscript collection contains a reference copy of the sketchbook. The original is held in the collections of the Nebraska History Museum. For additional information, see the book, Scenery, Curiosities, and Stupendous Rocks: William Quesenbury's Overland Sketches, 1850-1851, by David Royce Murphy.


KFK   18 December 2003
Revised TMM   15 March 2012


For additional information about this collection, please contact our Library Staff.

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