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Raymond Elmer Dale, 1880-1966

RG2982.AM:  Raymond Elmer Dale, 1880-1966

Papers:  1857-1963
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Educator, historian
Size:  20 boxes; 7.5 cu.ft.


Raymond Elmer Dale was born in Hebron, Racine, Wisconsin in 1880. A pioneer farmer, Mr. Dale developed a hobby of local history into a very distinguished career as a teacher, editor, journalist, historian, and genealogist. Mr. Dale worked at the University of Nebraska Library organizing early Nebraska newspapers. He enrolled at the University and received his Bachelors degree in 1906 and his masters in 1922. He was editor of the Midwest Genealogical Record for eight years. He taught in Nebraska schools for many years and was a former employee of Gold & Co. Dale worked as the state historian at the Nebraska State Historical Society from 1952 until his retirement on July 1, 1966. He was a member of the Knights of Phythias, Mayflower Society, Hugenots, Trans-Mississippi Stamp Club, and the Sod House Society. He died, October 19, 1966, at Syracuse, Nebraska.


This collection consists of 20 boxes of manuscript material relating to Mr. Dale's career as historian and educator. The bulk of this material consists of research notes and manuscripts compiled by Mr. Dale regarding the history of Otoe County. Additional materials include correspondence, biographical and genealogical material, and miscellaneous other materials. The collection is not fully processed, but an inventory is available.

Note: See also the photo component [RG2982.PH] for related images. See the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for published materials by/about Raymond Elmer Dale.


Box 1 - Dale, R.E. Typed Recollections
  1. A
  2. Ba-Bl
  3. Bo-By
  4. Ca-Cl
  5. Co-Cz
Box 2 - Dale, R.E. Typed Recollections
  1. D
  2. E-F
  3. G
  4. H-He
  5. Hi-Hz
Box 3 - Dale, R.E. Typed Recollections
  1. I-J
  2. K
  3. L
  4. Mc
  5. M-Me
  6. Mf-Mz
Box 4 - Dale, R.E. Typed Recollections
  1. N-P
  2. R
  3. Sa-Sl
  4. Sm-Sz
Box 5 - Dale, R.E. Typed Recollections
  1. Grave Records
  2. T-V
  3. W-Z
  4. Dale, Raymond Elmer
Box 6
  1. Biography Cards
  2. Newsclippings
  3. Correspondence
  4. History of Nebraska IV
  5. History of Nebraska IV: Under the Shadow of War (Civil War)
  6. Vocabulary Workbooks
Box 7
  1. Latin Notes
  2. Personal Tax Notes, Otoe Co.
  3. Haight Family Burials
Box 8
  1. Raymond E. Dale Manuscripts
  2. Diary of Raymond E. Dale
  3. Newsclippings
Box 9
  1. "The Indian Country"
  2. Synonyms
  3. Basic English - Weekly News - List of Articles
  4. Misc. Manuscripts
Box 10
  1. Sexton Notes and Correspondence
  2. Transcript Index, 1928
  3. Magazine Clippings
  4. Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Clippings
  5. Haight Families Notes and Correspondence
Box 11
  1. Fremont Herald Z
  2. Carbons H
Box 12
  1. Family Records
  2. Scrapbook with Newsclippings
  3. Sons of the American Revolution
  4. Birth/Death Records, Genealogical Charts
Box 13
  1. Frontier Manuscripts
  2. Genealogical Notes, Owen, Cook, Stoddard, etc.
  3. Mosher Notes and Correspondence
  4. Misc. General Data
  5. Mosher Records and Correspondence
  6. Washburn Notes
  7. Biographical Notes
  8. Edison Phonographs Booklets
Box 14
  1. Biographical Notes
  2. Pages from Time Magazine
  3. Latin America
  4. Pages from Newsweek Magazine
Box 15
  1. Notecards about various topics
Box 16
  1. Biographical Notecards
Box 17
  1. Biographical Notecards
Box 18
  1. Biographical Notecards
Box 19
  1. Biographical Notes
  2. Calendar from 1905
  3. R.E. Dale Tax Information
  4. Newsclippings
Box 20
  1. Financial Information
  2. Soil Survey - Hillsdale County, Michigan
  3. Platte Maps - Otoe County
  4. Genealogical Information
  5. Manuscript - Building of the Union Pacific
  6. Notecards



Cook family
Dale, Raymond Elmer, 1880-1966
Haight family
Mosher family
Otoe County (Neb.) -- History
Owen family
Sexton family
Stoddard family


Revised TMM   06-24-2009
Encoded TMM   03-24-2010


For additional information about this collection, please contact our Library Staff.

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