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Robert E. Carlson, 1908-1982

RG1173.AM:  Robert E. Carlson, 1908-1982

Reminiscence:  n.d.
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Freelance writer, production control worker
Size:  1 item


Robert Carlson, a native of Newman Grove, Nebraska, lived his adult life in Lincoln, Nebraska where he worked for Western Electric as a production control worker. During his spare time, he engaged in freelance writing. Among his friends were the literati of Lincoln, including Dr. Lowry Wimberly, founder and editor of The Prairie Schooner. Robert Carlson died in Lincoln in 1982.


This collection consists of one manuscript item designated as one series: 1) Reminiscence, undated. Entitled "Wimberly Watchers," the reminiscence written by Robert Carlson relates the conversation about politics and science engaged in by Carlson and Dr. Lowry Wimberly. Wimberly, the founder and editor of The Prairie Schooner, was admired by Carlson as a teacher whose greatest desire was "to create initiative and imagination." The handwritten reminiscence is accompanied by a typescript.

Note:  Check the NSHS Library catalog and the Nebraska History Index for related information. The UNL Archives and Special Collections Department holds collections relating to Lowry Wimberly and the Prairie Schooner.


Reminiscence, n.d.



Carlson, Robert E., 1908-1982
Wimberly, Lowry Charles, 1890-1959


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