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Ev. J. Roseneau

RG5546.AM:  Ev. J. Roseneau

Papers:  1887-1888
Crawford, Dawes County, Neb.:  Horse wrangler
Size:  2 items


Apparently Ev. J. Roseneau was in the Crawford/Ft. Robinson area for a very short time. He does not show up in the 1885 Nebraska Census and there arenít any Crawford newspapers for the late 1880s, so no biographical information could be uncovered. The letters indicate that Roseneau brought a herd of horses from Tacoma, Washington, to Crawford, Nebraska, in 1887 and that he worked over the course of the latter part of 1887 and the first part of 1888 breaking them for a Mr. Hall. Mr. Hall was likely Leroy Hall, an early settler of Crawford who was prominent as the owner of a lumber mill, a bank, and a flour mill.


This collection consists of two letters dating from 1887-1888. The two letters were written by Ev. J. Roseneau to his sister. Roseneau writes of his arrival in Crawford, Nebraska, after spending three and a half months driving a herd of horses from Tecoma, likely Tacoma, Washington. The letters describe his trip to Crawford, particularly the wild game available to him, and his work in breaking the horses for a Mr. Hall.


  1. Correspondence, 1887-1888



Horse trainers -- Nebraska
Dawes County (Neb.)
Fort Robinson (Neb.)
Crawford (Neb.)


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