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Rushton-Cortelyou Families

RG5598.AM:  Rushton-Cortelyou Families

Papers:  1889-1920s; mostly 1900-1920s
Size:  0.2 cu.ft.; 1 box


The manuscript portion of this collection consists of correspondence, biographical information, etc. relating to the Rushton and Cortelyou Families. The majority of materials relate to J.H. Rushton, one of the founders of the Fairmont Creamery Company. Other family members represented include Grace Rushton Cortelyou, John VanZandt Cortelyou, and Alice Rushton Seacrest.

Note: The photograph component of this collection [RG5598.PH] consists of approximately 40 black and white photos of the Rushton Family and the Rushton home. Additional materials relating to J.H. Rushton may be found in the Fairmont Foods Company collection [RG4218].



Cortelyou family
Rushton family


TMM   12-05-2007
Encoded TMM   09-10-2011


For additional information about this collection, please contact our Library Staff.

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