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Stephen Watts Kearny, 1794-1848

RG3282.AM:  Stephen Watts Kearny, 1794-1848

Journal (on microfilm):  1824-1826
Size:  1 reel of microfilm


Stephen W. Kearny was born August 30, 1794 at Newark, New Jersey. He attended Columbia University in 1811 and, during the War of 1812, served as 1st Lieutenant, 13th Infantry U.S.A. In 1813 he was commissioned a captain and in 1823, was breveted major. In 1825 he accompanied Col. Henry Atkinson's expedition to the mouth of the Yellowstone River. He assumed command of Ft. Crawford, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin in 1828, was appointed Major in 1829, Lieutenant Colonel Dragoons, 1833, and commanded the 3rd Military Dept. in 1842. Kearny led an expedition across the plains to the south pass in 1845 and began building the first Fort Kearny in 1846 near present-day Nebraska City, Nebraska. With the advent of war with Mexico in 1846, Kearny assumed command of the Army of the West and was commissioned Brigadier General that year as well. Kearny also played a leading role in the conquest of California in 1847. Stephen W. Kearny died at St. Louis on October 31, 1848.


This collection consists of the journal (on microfilm only) of Stephen Watts Kearny from September 17, 1824 through May 10, 1826. The diary relates to the expedition of General Henry Atkinson in his attempt to establish an outpost on the Yellowstone River.

Note:  See the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for various published materials about Stephen Kearny and Henry Atkinson.


Reel 1
Journal, Sept. 17, 1824 - May 10, 1826



Atkinson, Henry, 1782-1842
Kearny, Stephen Watts, 1794-1848
Military bases
Military posts
Soldiers -- West (U.S.)
West (U.S.) -- Exploring expeditions
West (U.S.) -- History, Military


DDS/ht   01-14-1974
Encoded TMM   05-12-2010


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