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T.M. Barber

RG5127.AM:  T.M. Barber

Diary (transcript):  1851
Overland trail traveler
Size:  1 item


This collection contains a transcript of an account of the overland travels of T.M. Barber. The diary begins 15 April 1851 when Barber left Lancaster, Iowa, with Robert Allensworth and Wells Huston. The last entry is dated 27 June 1851, and was written somewhere west of Ft. Laramie. Includes some commentary on Mormons at Kanesville, Iowa, and descriptions of the trail. Chimney Rock and Scott's Bluff are briefly mentioned. The original is not in the NSHS collections.



Barber, T.M.
Chimney Rock (Neb.)
Overland journeys
Scott's Bluff (Neb.)


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