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Digital Imaging Laboratory
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The Power of Digital Imaging

In July 1998, the Nebraska State Historical Society opened Nebraska's first digital imaging facility, dedicated to the expanded access and preservation of Nebraska's heritage. Through the power of digital imaging previously inaccessible information is being uncovered that helps tell the story of our great state's past. Explore our online demonstration into the world of digital imaging.

Online demonstration: "Revealing History: Using Digital Technology to Learn More about our Past"


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Related Services offered at the Ford Conservation Center

About the Laboratories


The Laboratories
The Nebraska State Historical Society operates two digital imaging facilities. One, available for consulting and contract work, is housed within the Nebraska State Historical Society's Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Constructed in 1995 to state-of-the-art museum standards, the laboratory shares receiving, security, HVAC, access control, and handling facilities with the conservation center.

A second laboratory is housed within the headquarters building of the Nebraska State Historical Society at the north end of Centennial Mall in Lincoln, Nebraska. At this facility, staff members work on creating digital images of photographs and documents from the Society's own collections, for access, exhibit and publication use and to provide copies for researchers.  

Objects digitized at the either digital imaging facility will receive the same care in handling, security, environmental control, and storage that all Nebraska State Historical Society and Ford Center collections receive.

Contract Digital Imaging and Related Conservation Services at the Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center
The Ford Conservation Center offers many conservation and preservation services related to the digitization process. Collections can be surveyed by a conservator prior to digitization and recommendations can be made regarding the safety of digitizing damaged or fragile objects. Objects can be cleaned and treated prior to digitization and recommendations can be made with regard to the proper long-term housing of the original objects. Collections can be re-housed after imaging and prior to being returned to the owner. These intrusions into the safety and security of an object or collection of objects can be performed at one time, limiting the handling and risk to original collection materials that digital imaging can pose to our irreplaceable cultural heritage.

Download a Brochure (260k PDF)
For information regarding services available at the Nebraska State Historical Society's Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center, or to request a brochure, contact the Conservation Center at
or 402-595-1180.

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