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Digitizing the Manuscript Collections

Digital imaging can benefit access to manuscript collections as well. This is the first page of a letter written by Uriah Oblinger to his wife, Mattie, on March 9, 1873. Uriah Oblinger came to Fillmore County, Nebraska, to homestead in 1873. The letters he wrote to Mattie and other family members offer tremendous insight into the joys and sorrows of homestead life. RG1346.AM-L099.

This collection was digitized as part of an award from the Library of Congress and Ameritech. All 332 letters are available as digital image files and as searchable text at the American Memory portion of the Library of Congress website.

Learn more about the American Memory Project.

Here is an example of the benefits of digitizing manuscript materials in RGB [color]. The file size is much larger than grayscale, but color allows the reader to get a better sense for the original. RG1346.AM-L098. To read these letters, click on the image and then continue to click on each page and that will open the next and the next, etc.


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