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 Photographs of the Nebraska State Fair

Panoramic photography is very popular today. Many new camera models offer a panoramic feature. In 1895 a photographer captured the fair using this popular format.

Railroad vegetable map; 2530
The railroads were a prominent feature of the Nebraska landscape. The sale of railroad land attracted thousands of people to the Great Plains. In 1895 the Burlington exhibited at the Nebraska State Fair by marking its route across Nebraska with vegetables.

agricultural exhibit; 1880s, 2531
Each county created an impressive agricultural exhibit at the fair.

Ostrich racing 1950; 2547
Racing, Rides, and Daredevils

birds-eye-view 1888; 2544
Around the Fair

horses in 1888; 2545
Livestock Shows

Wright Brothers, 1914; 2565
The Wright Brothers

The state fair has always been a place to demonstrate new products and attract consumers, 1910.


Lincoln Trunk Factory, 1880s; 2538

A fashionable yet durable trunk could be bought from the Lincoln Trunk Factory, 1880s.

4-H style show 1940; 2566
4-H and the Fair

4-H style show at the 1940 state fair

NSHS 1920 booth; 2570
The Nebraska State Historical Society and the State Fair

The Nebraska State Historical Society's exhibit booth at the 1920 fair

The Butter Cow; 2574
The Butter Cow

This statue was labeled "Prepared" and was made entirely from butter. It was displayed at the 1915 state fair.


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