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Municipal Government Records

Municipal governments provide the infrastructure for our communities. They pave the streets, operate utilities, run the schools, control annexation, approve building construction, manage cemeteries, pass local laws, and provide fire and police protection. Municipal records describe communities and provides the evidence that allows one to understand what makes one community different from another. This is what makes these records valuable for scholars, sociologists, and local historians.

The state archives section of the Library/Archives endeavors to assist municipal governments in safeguarding their records. Unfortunately, municipal records are not always very voluminous so shortages in storage space is not a pressing need. The greater risk is that this small quantity of records can become displaced, destroyed, discarded, or not appreciated for its value. Efforts to inform local officials of the importance of their records has resulted in the acquisition of many records by the archives. For more information on archives holdings or to order a search for a specific record, contact the Library Archives Reference Staff.

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