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Maps, a sample of the more than 3000 flat maps in the library collection.

Nebraska Public Documents provides free public access to digitized historic annual reports of state agencies in Nebraska.

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Public records are the records of government. They are created or received at all levels, from the smallest village to the largest federal agency. They are public because public funds support their creation and use. They are public records no matter what their format. They are open for inspection by anyone, unless closed by law.

Public records document the transaction of business both within the government, and between the government and the public. They are important because they hold the government accountable and give it its authority to operate. These records also protect the rights and entitlements of the people. Archives exist to protect these records for posterity.

The Nebraska legislature designated the Historical Society as official custodian of all state and local public records of historical value in 1905. The Society received the designation of state archives in 1969. The archives stores about 20,000 cubic feet of paper records and close to 100,000 rolls of microfilm. The records date from 1854 to the present and are available for research in the Library/Archives reference room.

This Public Records Transfer Form (MS Word) will guide public agencies in how to transfer their public records to the Nebraska State Archives.  Public Records Transfer form (PDF)

Location and Contact information for Government Records in Lincoln, Nebraska. Find more information on archives holdings or to order a search for a specific record.

Fees for Government Records Retrieval for government agencies

Government Records Microfilm Policies for government agencies

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