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Exaggeration Postcards

Postcards, like photographs and moving images, have been used to document a locality's history. In rare cases, "exaggeration" postcards were used to advertise facetiously the products, advantages, or unique aspects of a place. These postcards, dating from the 1910s to the 1950s, promoted Nebraska's agricultural and wildlife advantages to a public aware of the exaggerated nature of the subject. These are from the Society's photo collection RG2053.PH.

103319 RG2053.PH:7
"I'll be on my way - I'll be seein' yeh." Photograph by F. D. Conard , Garden City, Kansas.

103320 RG2053.PH:3
"How we do things at Kearney, Nebraska," about 1918.

103318 RG2053.PH:12
"Grown near Geneva, Nebraska," about 1920.

103321 RG2053.PH:27a
"The monster of Big Alkali." Photograph by Vangraven and Thomas, Alliance, Nebraska, about 1950.

103155 RG2053.PH:27
"A good day for ducks in Nebraska." Photograph by W. H. Martin, 1909.

103156 RG2053.PH:28

"Harvesting a profitable crop of onions in Nebraska." Photograph by W. H. Martin, 1909.

103157 RG2053.PH:29

"Nebraska is the place we grow large cabbage." Photograph by W. H. Martin, 1908.

103154 RG2053.PH:19
"You don't stick these bunnies in your hunting coat pocket." Photograph by F. D. Conard, Garden City, Kansas.



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