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Native American Baseball Teams

The photograph collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society contain more than two hundred images of Nebraska baseball players, teams, and diamonds. The images reflect the pride and support the teams engendered, especially when they represented their hometowns.

Several photographs in the collections document Native American baseball teams. Whether representing their school or a business enterprise, these teams took pride in their skills and their involvement in the national game.

Green's Nebraska Indians 8817
The most famous team of barnstorming Indian baseball players was Green's Nebraska Indians. Formed by Lincoln businessman Guy W. Green, the Indians crisscrossed the country from 1897 into the 1910s, playing town teams that challenged them. Although the name implied that Native Americans constituted the team, it is clear that white players were also members.

Oxford Indians 3804
Perhaps hoping to repeat the success of Green's Nebraska Indians, the Oxford Indians of Oxford, Nebraska, formed around 1909. It appears that this group of "Indians" included a fair representation of whites.

Genoa Indian School 8845
Along with vocational and educational skills, the Genoa Indian School provided extracurricular activities. The baseball team, pictured here, competed successfully against area white schools.

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