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Sheep Ranch Photographs

These photographs provide an outstanding documentary record of ranching in northwestern Nebraska and eastern Wyoming at the end of the nineteenth century. In addition to the interesting scenes they portray, the photographs are significant because they were taken by a woman, Mabel Souther, daughter of William Souther, who managed the ranch seen in the photographs. In an era dominated by male photographers, such as William Henry Jackson and Solomon D. Butcher, Souther's photographs are among the relatively few that can be attributed to a woman.

sheep pens at Crawford, 103315 103315
White River, Crawford, Nebraska, Souther ranch feeding lots, 1901.

bags of wool, 103316 103316
Sheep shearing at Lance Creek, Wyoming, Souther Ranch, 1901.

sheep shearing, 103317 103317
Sheep shearing at Lance Creek, Wyoming, Souther Ranch, 1901. William Souther is tying a fleece at the right of the photograph.


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