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Margaret Cervantes

Margaret Cervantes

Scottsbluff, Nebraska, resident Margaret Cervantes was born in Scottsbluff in 1955 and is a recognized tradition bearer both as dancer and musician. Her traditions were passed down from her grandmother and mother and she has passed them on to her children. For many years she taught traditional Mexican dance in the Scottsbluff community and is responsible in large part for its popularity today.

Residente de Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Margaret Cervantes nació en Scottsbluff en 1955 y es reconocida como portadora de tradiciones, como bailarina y música. Sus tradiciones le vienen de su madre y abuela, y que a su vez ha transmitido a sus hijos. Por muchos años ella enseñó baile tradicional mexicano en la comunidad de Scottsbluff, de ahí su popularidad actual en esta zona.

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