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La Familia, Gerardo MezaThis publication is intended for use by teachers, students, librarians, museum and local historical society personnel, and members of the general public who want to know more about Mexican American culture and how it is expressed by Nebraskans of Mexican descent. The book is also intended to serve as a guide to resources for groups who wish to do their own, similar fieldwork projects in their local communities.

Contained within are two essays, one on the history of Mexican American emigration to Nebraska, and another that gives a general overview of project results with a discussion of some significant patterns identified therein. Following the essays are short paragraphs describing each of the fifty persons interviewed and the topics they discussed. This material is intended only to touch on the rich variety of cultural expression found among Mexican American people in our state. Those seeking in-depth information on any of the traditions are invited to consult the interviews themselves, copies of which are available for public use in several locations (see Resources), or to examine the other resources listed at the end of the publication. This annotated list is provided both to help readers locate copies of the interview information from the project and to point the way to resource organizations and publications that can assist in further study or in creating local fieldwork projects.

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