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May 5, 1998

Nebraska's Mexican American Community has a wealth of information in its cultural heritage and traditions. We are honored to present and share a small part of that wealth with everyone who reads this report.

The Nebraska Mexican American Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society have joined together to accomplish this first effort to document the cultural heritage and traditions of Mexican Americans. Our thanks go to the volunteers and staff who did such a great job in interviewing, organizing, and finalizing this report. We give special honor and respect to our volunteers who shared their stories. We finish this report with the hope that more projects like this are to come.

We, as Mexican-Americans, have pride in who we are and in our contributions to this great state of Nebraska. In the words of one of our volunteers, "I'm not from Mexico, but I am from my parents. They were from Mexico and that is something I feel proud of."


Cecilia Olivarez Huerta
Executive Director

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May 5, 1998

For nearly two years staff from the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Nebraska Mexican American Commission, and community volunteers have worked together to begin to record the story of Nebraskans of Mexican descent.

This publication marks the conclusion of that effort. It also marks the beginning of another, because there is a much larger story left to be told. The institutional partnerships and personal friendships that have been forged through this effort will no doubt continue, and the saga of Mexicans in Nebraska remains fertile ground for investigation.

I would personally like to thank the people who participated in this project: the community members who took the time to conduct interviews or to be interviewed and all of the others who in one way or another helped the project become a reality. Their enthusiastic interest and unselfish cooperation are greatly appreciated. All Nebraskans will benefit from the stories that they had to tell, and we will continue to benefit for generations to come.


Lawrence Sommer

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