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 Outgoing Loans Policy

Artifacts from the Nebraska State Historical Society Museum Collections may be made available for loan to qualified institutions. Please read the outgoing loan policy below. For more information, contact a member of the Museum Collections Department staff.


1. The Nebraska State Historical Society, Nebraska History Museum, shall loan objects from the collections to qualified institutions for exhibit, research or other interpretive purposes. All objects loaned shall remain in the condition in which they were received.

2. All loans must be approved by the Senior Museum Curator.

3. Considerations of rarity, intrinsic and historic value, conservation, and display status determine which objects may be available for loan.

4. Requests for loans must be made at least six (6) months in advance and must be
submitted in written form.

5. Institutions requesting loans must meet certain environmental, display, and security standards and must provide a completed copy of the American Association of Museums General Facility Report to the Nebraska State Historical Society prior to the loan being approved.

6. The borrower shall purchase an inland marine policy for wall-to-wall coverage for
loaned objects and shall name the Nebraska State Historical Society as an insured and
loss payable. A certificate of insurance shall be provided to the Nebraska State
Historical Society. Valuation of objects for insurance purposes will be determined by
the Nebraska State Historical Society and qualified appraisers.

7. Loans are made for a period of not less than fourteen (14) days nor more than two (2) years. Loans may be renewed upon request.

8. The loan agreement may be terminated by either party given responsible notice in

9. The reproduction or photographing of object(s) is expressly forbidden without the
written permission of the Nebraska State Historical Society.

10. Exhibits, publications, etc., using borrowed Nebraska State Historical Society
objects will give credit to the Nebraska State Historical Society, Nebraska
History Museum.

11. The borrowing party must agree to all loan conditions.


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