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These publications may be checked out from Education and Statewide Services, Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS) at no cost.  For further information call 1-800-833-6747 or write to: NSHS, Education and Statewide Services Department, P.O. Box 82554, Lincoln, NE 68501-2554.  The Statewide Services Department requests that books be returned to the office after a six-week checkout period.

Book Inventory:  Alphabetical by Title

Affordable Self-publishing for Small Museums, Morris Publishing, 1994 (booklet).

Archives in the Big Picture: Managing Archival Collections in the History Museum, A Manual for Museum Curators, Paul J. Eisloeffel, Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS) 1991 (notebook).

The Audience in Exhibition Development--Course proceedings from a training program developed by the Office of Museum Programs, Smithsonian Institution, American Association of Museums (AAM), 1992.

Board Orientation Organizer, American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), 1996 (three-ring notebook dividers).

Boardroom Verities: A Celebration of Trusteeship with Some Guides and Techniques to Govern By, Jerold Panas, 1991.

Building Museum and School Partnerships, Beverly Sheppard, editor, Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations, 1993 (two copies).

Caring for Collections:  Strategies for Conservation, Maintenance, and Documentation, AAM, 1984 (booklet--three copies).

Caring for Your Collections, National Committee to Save Americaís Cultural Collections, 1992.

Charnell's Guide to Affordable Exhibits and Programs, Charles A. and Nellie A. Stone, 1990 (notebook and spiral bound--two copies).

Common Sense Cataloging: A Manual for the Organization of Books and Other Materials, Esther J. Piercy, 1965.

Conservation in Context: Finding a Balance for the Historic House Museum, Wendy C. Jessup, editor, National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP), 1995.

Doing It Right: A Workbook for Improving Exhibit Labels, Barbara Punt, Brooklyn Childrenís Museum, 1989.

Do People Grow on Family Trees?:  Genealogy for Kids and Other Beginners, Ira Wolfman, 1991.

Exhibits for the Small Museum: A Handbook, Arminta Neal, AASLH, 1976.

Forces of Change: The Sourcebook, AAM, 1991.

Fund Raising: A Basic Reader, AAM, 1987 (booklet--two copies).

Gifts of Property: A Guide for Donors and Museums, AAM, 1986 (booklet--two copies).

Good Show: A Practical Guide for Temporary Exhibitions, Lothar P. Witteborg, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES), 1986 (four copies).

Grant Proposals That Succeed, Virginia White, editor, 1983.

Grant Writing and Grant Getting, Chuck and Nell Stone, 1993 (booklet--two copies).

A Guide to Building Your Board: Six Keys to Recruiting, Orienting, and Involving Nonprofit Board Members, Judith Grummon Nelson, National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1992 (booklet).

A Guide to Handling Anthropological Museum Collections, Nancy Odegaard, Western Association For Art Conservation, 1992 (booklet--three copies).

A Guide to Marketing Your Book, Morris Publishing, 1994 (booklet).

A Guide to Museum Pest Control, Lynda A. Zycherman, editor, J. Richard Schrock, assistant editor, Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, and the Association of Systematics Collections, 1988.

Help for the Small Museum: Handbook of Exhibit Ideas and Methods, Arminta Neal, 1969, 1987 (three copies).

Heritage Tourism: Getting Started, How to Succeed in Heritage Tourism, NTHP, 1993 (booklet).

Historic House Museums: A Practical Handbook for their Care, Preservation, and Management, Sherry Butcher-Younghans, 1993.

History by Design: A Primer on Interpreting and Exhibiting Community History, Patrick Norris, Texas Association of Museums, 1985.

Insuring Nebraska's Documentary Heritage: A Strategic Plan, Nebraska State Historical Records Advisory Board, 1996--contact the NSHS Library/Archives Division for a copy of this report (booklet).

Interpretation of Historic Sites, William T. Alderson, Shirley Payne Low, AASLH, 1977 (two copies).

Interpreting the Environment, Grant W. Sharpe, 1982.

Interpretive Master Planning, John A. Veverka, 1994.

Introduction to Museum Work, G. Ellis Burcaw, AASLH, 1983.

Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections, Marie C. Malaro, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1985 (two copies).

Making Exhibit Labels: A Step-by-Step Guide, Beverly Serrell, AASLH, 1988 (three copies).

Management of Small History Museums, Carl E. Guthe, AASLH, 1964, 1982 (two copies).

Manual for Museums, Ralph H. Lewis, National Park Service, Dept. of the Interior, 1976.

Manual for Paper Preservation and Disaster Planning For Archives, Libraries, and Museums in Nebraska, Judith Fortson-Jones, NSHS, 1981 (booklet).

Manual for Records Preservation and Disaster Planning For Local Government Agencies in Nebraska, Judith Fortson-Jones, NSHS, 1981 (booklet).

Manual for Records Preservation and Disaster Planning For State Government Agencies in Nebraska, Judith Fortson-Jones, NSHS, 1981 (booklet).

Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Gary J. Stern, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 1992.

Museum Accounting Handbook, William H. Daughtrey, Malvern J. Gross, Jr., AAM, 1978 (two copies).

Museum Assessment Program (MAP): Shaping the Museum: The MAP Institutional Planning Guide, AAM, 1993 (booklet--two copies).

Museum Registration Methods, Dorothy H. Dudley, Irma B. Wilkinson, AAM, 1979 (five copies).

Museum Source: A Directory of Products and Services For the Museum Marketplace, Vol. 2, Sharon K. Kayne, Publisher, 1994.

Museum Trusteeship, Alan D. Ullberg, with Patricia Ullberg, AAM, 1981 (three copies).

National Needs Assessment of Small Emerging, Minority, and Rural Museums in the U.S.,
Dr. Rebecca W. Danvers, Institute of Museum Services, 1992 (five copies).

Nearby History: Exploring the Past Around You, David E. Kyvig, Myron A. Marty, AASLH, 1982.

Nebraska Historic Buildings Survey:  Reconnaissance Survey Final Report--available  for several counties, contact the NSHS State Historic Preservation Office for more information.

Nebraska State Historical Markers, 1997 (listed by county location)--contact the NSHS Research and Publications Division for a copy of this list.

Nebraska Statutes Relating to Historical Organizations and Activities, Compiled by Andrea Friedman, James Potter, revised by Steven R. Wolz, NSHS, 1992 (booklet--four copies).

A Network of Discovery: A Comprehensive Trails Plan for the State of Nebraska, prepared for the Nebraska Energy Office, and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, by RDG Martin Shukert, and Ciaccio Dennell Group, 1994.

Oral History for the Local Historical Society, Willa K. Baum, AASLH, 1987.

Organizing a Local Historical Society, Clement M. Silvestro, AASLH, 1983 (booklet--three copies).

Organizing Your Museum: The Essentials, Susan K. Nichols, AAM, 1989 (two copies).

Planning Our Museums, Barry Lord, Gail Dexter Lord, editors, National Museums of Canada, 1983 (notebook).

A Primer for Local Historical Societies, Dorothy Weyer Creigh, Laurence R. Pizer, AASLH,
1976, 1991 (two copies).

Program Planning and Proposal Writing: Introductory Version, Norton J. Kiritz, Jerry Mundel, The Grantsmanship Center, 1988 (booklet).

Pursuing Big Dollars: Raising Money from Foundations, Corporations, Governmental Agencies and Others, seminar notes compiled by Sarah Fairbanks, NSHS, 1990 (booklet--two copies).

The Pursuit of Local History: Readings on Theory and Practice, Carol Kammen, editor, AASLH,
Alta Mira Press, 1996.

The Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Organization's Volunteer Board, Cigna Corp., 1988 (booklet--two copies).

The River Country Heritage Tourism Plan, NSHS, and RDG Martin Shukert, 1993 (two copies).

Self-Publishing: Planning for a Better Book, Mennonite Press, Inc., 1992 (booklet).

Starting Right: A Basic Guide to Museum Planning, Gerald George, Cindy Sherell-Leo, AASLH, 1989.

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Bryan W. Barry, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 1993.

Strategies for Preserving the Historic and Cultural Foundations of Nebraska: Report to the Governor and the 94th Legislature, Nebraska Task Force on Historic Preservation, 1995--contact the NSHS State Historic Preservation Office for a copy of this report (booklet).

Touring Historic Places, A Manual for Group Tour Operators and Managers of Historic and Cultural Attractions, NTHP, National Tour Association, 1995 (booklet--two copies).

A User Study: Informational Needs of Remote National Archives and Records Administration Customers, Judi Moline, Steve Otto, National Archives, 1994.

Visitor Surveys:  A User's Manual, Susan K. Nichols, editor, AAM, 1990.

The Wages of History: the AASLH Employment Trends and Salary Survey, Charles Phillips, Patricia Hogan, AASLH, 1984.

Welcome to Nebraska: 1996 Tourism Industry Development Plan, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, 1996.

Writing A Museum Code of Ethics, AAM, 1994 (notebook).

Notebooks:  The following are large, three-ring notebooks, which cannot be checked out, but from which information may be photocopied to be sent out.

Conserve-O-Grams (technical leaflets), National Park Service, 1993.

Fund Raising For Museums, Hedy A. Hartman, Hartman Planning and Development Group, 1985.

Historic Sites: Basic Interpretation of Historic Sites, AASLH, 1983.

Museum Handbook, National Park Service, 1990.

Museums in Historic Buildings Symposium, Association for Preservation Technology International, 1991.

Preservation Briefs, Nos. 1-40, National Park Service, 1975-1996--contact the NSHS State Historic Preservation Office for copies of these briefs.

The Source: A Museum Reference Manual, Oklahoma Field Advisory Service, Oklahoma Historical Society; and Oklahoma Museums Association, 1990.

Technical Leaflet Series (incomplete), American Association for State and Local History, 1969-1997.

Note on acronyms--the following acronyms are used throughout this listing:

AAM--American Association of Museums, Washington, DC
AASLH--American Association for State and Local History, Nashville, TN
NSHS--Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, NE
NTHP--National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, DC

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