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Nebraska Trailblazer #14: The State Capitol, cut-out

Optional: Copy the forms onto card stock or heavy paper before you begin.

capitol base cut-out

Cut the base out along the heavy lines.
In the center of the base, cut the slots for the tower.
Fold the base along the dotted lines.
Tape or glue the side tabs to the sides to form a bottomless box.

capitol tower cut-out

Cut the tower out along the heavy lines.
Fold the tower on the dotted lines.
Tape or glue the tabs on the side and top of the tower to form another bottomless box. On the top of the tower, make sure the tab with the dome shows.
Use a push pin to poke a hole in the center of the dome.

To attach the tower to the base, insert the two tabs at the bottom of the tower into the slots in the top of the base.
On the underside of the base, tape or glue the tabs down to hold the tower in place.

Fold the sower square in half and attach to a toothpick.
Insert the toothpick into the hole you poked in the dome.

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