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Nebraska Trailblazer
#14: The State Capitol
Materials and Vocabulary


Nebraska Trailblazers
Resource Sheets
      1. Coloring page
      2. Period quotes: Where to put the capitol?
      3. Capitol cut-out
      4. Photograph of the first capitol
      5. Photograph of the second capitol
      6. Architectural details of the third capitol
      7. Checkup
          Checkup answer sheet
blue paper or tape
craft sticks, egg cartons, and other recyclables


capitol - a building where elected state officials meet and work
capital - the city where that building is located
executive branch - the governor sees that the laws are carried out
judicial branch - the judges help explain the laws
legislative branch - the senators make the laws
rotunda - a room with a high, round ceiling
sower - the bronze statue on top of the capitol tower
unicameral - a one-house legislature rather than a two-house legislature with both senators and representatives


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