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Nebraska Trailblazer
#2: Explorers
Suggested Activities

General Activities:

1. Use KWL charts (columns of "what do you know," "what do you want to learn," and "what have you learned") to direct the learning.

2. Pupils color the flags and discuss their symbols, differences, and similarities. Use Resource Sheet 1 for an overhead transparency or to make coloring page copies for your students.

3. Pupils conduct a mock expedition around the playground. They could keep a journal of the expedition and log the plants and animals they come across by drawing pictures and writing short descriptions. Pupils could also map and name the area and its major landmarks.

4. Pupils design a flag to represent the new land they have explored, or to represent their school or family.

5. Pupils develop a skit based on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

6. Pupils pretend to be one of the characters found in the Nebraska Trailblazer and debate why Nebraska would or would not be a good place to live.

7. Pupils complete the "Explorers and Math" worksheet (Resource Sheet 2).

Map Activities:

1. Using Resource Sheet 3, a Nebraska map with the rivers, students retrace the explorers' routes using different symbols to represent the route of each explorer. Pupils do one map of explorers' routes before the Louisiana purchase and one map of explorer's routes after the Louisiana purchase.

Research Activities:

1. Pupils research, write and illustrate reports on the following explorers and places.

Colonel Pedro de Villasur
Etienne Veniard de Bourgmont
Pierre and Paul Mallet
James Mackay
Meriwether Lewis
William Clark
Zebulon M. Pike
John C. Fremont
G. K. Warren
Stephen H. Long
Louisiana Purchase
Republican River
Niobrara River


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