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Nebraska Trailblazer
#1: American Indians
Materials and Vocabulary


Nebraska Trailblazers
Resource Sheets
      1. Coloring page
      2. Paper Moccasin Pattern
      3. American Indian Beadwork Patterns
          American Indian Beadwork graph paper
      4. American Indian Chiefs
      5. Checkup
          Checkup answer sheet
state road maps (1-800-228-4307) to order
poster board
miscellaneous craft materials
brown paper for moccasins
beads, quills, noodles


bison - the scientific word for buffalo
catlinite - red stone found in southern Minnesota and brought to Nebraska through trade
cavalry - an army unit on horses
earthlodge - an early, permanent American Indian home made of logs, brush, grasses, and earth
native - someone or something associated to a specific place by birth or origin
quarry - an open pit from which stone is cut
saber - a curved sword
skin lodge - an early, temporary American Indian home made of bent poles and animal skins


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