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Nebraska Trailblazer #5: Settlers Homes
Materials and Vocabulary


Nebraska Trailblazers
Resource Sheets
      1. Coloring page
      2. Nebraska map with rivers
      3. Pioneer reminiscences of early Nebraska homes
      4. Checkup
          Checkup answer sheet


lath and plaster - a building technique to create an interior wall. The builder nails small boards side by side to the frame of the house and then plasters over the top.
mortar - a mixture of sand, cement, and water used to hold stone or brick together
mosquito bars - tall bars attached to the corners of a bed. These bars created a frame or canopy on which to hang mosquito netting.
oil curtains - curtains made of fabric that has been soaked in oil. This makes the fabric water-proof, but allows light to come in. Oil curtains were used instead of glass windows.
siding - wood covering the exterior of a house
whitewash - a very thin paint used on the interior walls of sod homes


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