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Nebraska Trailblazer
#15: Nebraska State Symbols
Suggested Activities

General Activities:

1. Use KWL charts (columns of "what do you know," "what do you want to learn," and "what have you learned") to direct the learning.

2. Pupils research to find other state symbols not mentioned in the Nebraska Trailblazer. Pupils also brainstorm to think of additional state symbols.

3. Collect pictures or make drawings of all of the state symbols. Arrange these on a bulletin board in the hallway to remind everyone of our state symbols. Coloring pages of some state symbols can be located on this website by choosing NSHS Home Page/ What's New/ Kids Stuff/ Coloring pages.

4. Write the secretary of state to request state seals for pupils. Secretary of State, 2300 State Capitol Building, Lincoln, NE 68509. Or call 402-471-2554.

5. Pupils choose symbols (bird, flower, tree, song, etc.) and design a seal to represent their school. They could then write letters to the principal to get these symbols officially instated.

6. Pupils may design and make a flag to represent their school. This could be done in one classroom or as a contest among fourth grade classrooms to choose the flag that best represents the school.

7. On a large piece of paper, students draw symbols representing their family, a club or sports group they are in, their school, city, and state. Students start with themselves and spread out to the larger in group concentric form.

8. Students could research national symbols and other states' symbols. Students could share this information on posters or write reports.

9. Pupils write reports on Lake McConaughy as a man-made lake.

10. Pupils color and cut out the meadowlark and place it on a poster board. Pupils then research the habitat of the meadowlark and draw that habitat around the bird. Use Resource Sheet 1 for an overhead transparency or to make coloring page copies for your students.

Map Activities:

1. Students study the sandhill cranes and map their route. Write Kearney or Grand Island for information on the sandhill cranes and the annual festival.

2. Pupils complete the Water Worksheet.

Research Activities:

1. Research, write, and illustrate reports on sandhill cranes and other birds that migrate through Nebraska.

2. Local festivals are symbolic of the people who settled an area in our recent history. Using the Department of Tourism's Calendar of Nebraska Events (call 1-800-228-4307 or 471-3796 in Lincoln to order copies), pupils look for local festivals. Pupils contact the appropriate Chambers of Commerce to request information on these festivals: how they came about and what they represent. Make a class collage of festivals in Nebraska using these brochures.

Field Trips and Special Guests:

1. Visit Kearney or Grand Island during the sandhill crane migration season, March through April. Call the Kearney Visitors Bureau for more information, 308-237-3101.

2. Visit DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge in mid- to late-November to see many types of migrating birds and the recovered artifacts from the Steamboat Bertrand which sank on the Missouri River in the 1860s. Call 712-642-4121 for more information.

3. Invite the fisheries division of the Game and Parks Commission to speak about the process of developing a man-made lake, 402-471-5553 or 471-7647.


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