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World War II, Nebraska Trailblazer #21, page 3

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The North Platte Canteen

North Platte Canteen
One of Nebraska's best known contributions to the war effort was the North Platte Canteen. Trains were the most common way to transport service personnel across the country during the war. Many communities organized rest areas or "canteens" at their local railroad stations. The canteen at North Platte became famous for the hospitality shown to the troops. It provided food, magazines, and entertainment to over 3,000 soldiers every day of the war.

The canteen was staffed by volunteers who wore pink ribbons with "HOSTESS" on them or wore the letter "V" for victory. Sometimes the volunteers and local entertainment included children. Baskets of food and reading materials were carried aboard the trains to troops who could not leave.

Canteern interior drawing

Print out the canteen drawing above so you can color it. Changing your browser printing to landscape and reducing the scale % may help.

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