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The Nebraska State Historical Society needs your support. So much of our Nebraska heritage is lost every day and we need your help in saving it.

Consider these actions:

Call us before you clean out that attic! To preserve all aspects of Nebraska's history, we need photographs, letters, diaries and documents, home movies, tape recordings, video tapes and other items, and artifacts that define the lives of all Nebraskans. You may be able to share the story behind a certain keepsake that will link it to important events in our history. If you think you might have items that could help tell the story of our state and its people, .

Make a cash donation toward preserving or interpreting a portion of Nebraska history. The NSHS Foundation is continually seeking support for special projects worthy of your investment. Gifts to the Foundation may be designated for a special project or to a particular division of the NSHS. Many important diaries, photograph collections, documents, and other items have been preserved for future Nebraskans with such private support.

Check the online Nebraska History News newsletter, What's New page and Facebook to see if Museum Collections is currently seeking a unique item for an upcoming exhibit. You may be the only person who knows how to locate an example, and you would be performing an invaluable service for the people of Nebraska in helping to secure it for the museum.

Your time is extremely valuable to the mission of the Society. As volunteers you add exceptional wealth to the program. Sharing your time allows history to be interpreted and delivered instead of just preserved.

Become a member or give a gift membership or a subscription to Nebraska History to a lover of history. That contribution alone will provide you or your special friend with many benefits and give you the satisfaction of being an active participant in telling the story of our past.

If you are interested in making a contribution, write to Nebraska State Historical Society, P.O. Box 82554, Lincoln, NE 68501, or call the toll-free number, 800-833-6747.


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